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This is the official site of actress Pooja Shah. Most people know Pooja from her role as Kareena Ferreira in the popular BBC soap EastEnders and as Amy Garnett in the BBC drama series Missing.
Weekend Lovers
pooja weekend lovers

pooja weekend lovers

pooja weekend lovers

pooja weekend lovers


In September 2005 Pooja took part in a British comedy Weekend Lovers produced by Little Kiran Productions.

About the Film
Jenny is hoping to have a day of casual sex with her secretary James at her house in the country before their big meeting with Katherine on Sunday morning (also to be held at the house).

The plans go awry when Jenny's youngest sister Sandy turns up with her new boyfriend Matt who is an ex of Jenny's. To make matters worse Sandy has also brought along her friend Mindy who is the ex girlfriend of Jenny's secretary James.

Also visiting is Ethan a friend of the sisters who lives just down the road and who has had a crush on Jenny for the best part of his life but been too afraid to mention it. Completing the party is Emily the middle sister who has been travelling around the world and changed her name to Tabulia Violet (Tabs) somewhere along the way.

The party settles down to an uncomfortable weekend of drinking and embarrassing revelations which will end with no one leaving with the partner they came with.

Pooja's role
Pooja plays the part of Mindy.

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