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This is the official site of actress Pooja Shah. Most people know Pooja from her role as Kareena Ferreira in the popular BBC soap EastEnders and as Amy Garnett in the BBC drama series Missing.

Pooja Shah started acting from very young age. Before playing Kareena Ferreira in EastEnders, she was in the popular film Bend It Like Beckham and on TV Pooja Shah had one of the leading roles in the Sky One series Is Harry On The Boat.

On stage Pooja Shah had great reviews for her role in the play The Untouchable.

In 2010 Pooja Shah won the best actress award at The Rob Knox Film Festival for her role in the film No Honour, No Choice.

Pooja Shah can currently (3rd January 2011) be seen on ITV in eight episodes of Coronation Street as D C Moore.
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