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This is the official site of actress Pooja Shah. Most people know Pooja from her role as Kareena Ferreira in the popular BBC soap EastEnders and as Amy Garnett in the BBC drama series Missing.

This page is about Pooja's personal background. and so much more . . .

pooja shah's biography

  • Pooja Shah was born on 8th August 1979 in North London in a Kenyan-Asian family. Grandparents migrated to Kenya from Gujarat in Western India and so the ancestral roots are there.


  • After studying at local Nursery, Infants and Junior school, did GCSE at a Girls Grammar School.
  • Took a year out from studies and worked part-time at the Finchley Youth Theatre. She had been a regular member of the Theatre from the age of 12.
  • Did A levels in Performing Arts and Film Studies at a North London College.
  • Straight after the college Pooja Shah went to The University Of Brighton for three years. She graduated in 2001 with a BA Hons Degree in Theatre With Visual Practice.


  • Pooja Shah trained as an Indian Classical Dancer from very young age and continued till she went to the University.
  • During the second year at secondary school, with two friends decided to learn a Chekhov play, The Proposal, for fun, and were asked to perform at the University of London's Arts Festival. After six nights of performing made up her mind that this was what she wanted to do for a living.
  • From very young age was very active in the Finchley Youth Theatre and took part in many of the productions. Some of which are listed on another part of this site.
  • In 1994 Summer, was invited to take part in a special play, "Breaking The Six Minutes Scream". The play written, produced and directed by Berta Solomon was based on the real life of her son Matty, who is Autistic. The play had two performances at The Old Barn in Finchley, with all proceeds going to Autistic Research.
  • In 1997, went to Morphou, Cyprus with the Finchley Youth Theatre to participate in Cultural Exchange between the twinned boroughs of Barnet, UK and Morphou, Cyprus. The play, Inspire Me was performed at the Pattichion Theatre of Limassol.
  • During last year of the University Pooja Shah did some modelling and commercial work.
  • Also during the University days played the lead role of Mary Magdelene in a small budget film ‘Jesus The Curry King’. Produced by Aylesbury Film Company, the film was shown in four Odeon Cinemas across the country. Produced in DVCAM, this was one of the very first Digital films to be shown in cinemas in UK.
  • Soon after leaving University, Pooja landed the role of Meena in the hit movie 'Bend It Like Beckham'.
  • In 2002 played one of the lead roles, Sinjata, in the Sky One's series 'Is Harry On The Boat?’ based on the best selling book and film. The story is about holiday reps and what they get up to in Ibizia. All the shooting was done in Almunecar in Southern Spain.
  • After having lived in Southern Spain for five months, played part of Mira Ashar in an episode (Ladies Night) of Holby City with Eastenders co star Ameet Chana.
  • In the winter of 2002, did a two hander play called 'Untouchable' at the Bush Theatre for a few weeks.
  • Beginning of 2003, had the opportunity to film an episode, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King, of an American show 'Adventure Inc.' in Marseilles starring Michael Biehn (Terminator 1 and The Abyss).
  • Pooja Shah then went to play the part we all know her for, Kareena Ferreira in Eastenders.